Du An Garden - Tranquil Persimmon Garden in the Outskirts of Vietnam Travel

Du An Garden - Tranquil Persimmon Garden in the Outskirts of Vietnam Travel

Du An Garden, located in the center of Dran town, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province of Vietnam, just 35km from the outskirts of Da Lat, is not only an agricultural project but also an ideal destination for community tourism and a peaceful countryside experience. Du An Garden, surrounded by pristine nature, persimmon gardens, pine forests, and refreshing streams, promises to bring exciting experiences for visitors.


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Sustainable Agriculture

Du An Garden is dedicated to creating a clean and eco-friendly environment with a focus on sustainable development. Fruit trees in Du An Garden are grown without the use of pesticides or growth hormones. This ensures that the products from the garden are completely safe and natural.

The garden is maintained naturally, cared for by the hands of local farmers. Natural compost is used to provide nutrients to the plants, contributing to environmental protection and maintaining a natural balance in the garden ecosystem, providing the freshest air possible.

Following the "responsible agriculture" model, Du An Garden not only emphasizes on producing high-quality agricultural products but also ensures social well-being for the local community, providing safe agricultural products for consumers.

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Tranquil Retreat Resort

Du An Garden is an ideal destination for retreats, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in nature and find inner peace in the heart of the countryside.

The bungalows are designed with an architecture close to nature, using wooden materials and tiled roofs, providing a warm feeling in winter and a cool atmosphere in summer. The rustic design creates a comfortable and gentle space for visitors. Each bungalow is equipped with ceiling fans, heating systems, and necessary facilities for a complete countryside vacation.

With attentive services, complete functional areas such as a dining area, coffee shop, hammock area, bungalow area, and camping area, Du An Garden provides visitors with a comprehensive vacation experience with family and friends.

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Ideal Camping Area

For those who want to experience outdoor life and get closer to nature, Du An Garden is an ideal camping site surrounded by fruitful rose gardens, lush green trees, where visitors can enjoy a complete camping night with family and friends, feeling the fresh air and listening to the symphony of nature.

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Refreshing Stream Bath Experience

One of the special features of Du An Garden is the stream bath experience. Visitors can relax in the cool streams, enjoying the refreshing sensation and harmonizing with the vibrant nature. This activity not only provides entertainment but also helps balance the mind and promote healing. Enjoy a morning with coffee by the stream, listen to the birds harmonizing with the sound of the flowing stream – a fascinating experience that visitors should not miss when coming to Du An Garden.

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Exploring Pine Hill Hiking and 1600m Mountain Trekking

Du An Garden is not only an ideal place for camping and resort vacations but also a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Pine hill hiking and 1600m mountain trekking are adventurous yet attractive activities at Du An Garden.

Pine Hill Hiking

Du An Garden is situated in a region rich with lush pine hills. The pine hill hiking program not only allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature but also provides an experience close to the grass and fresh air. This is a great opportunity to relax, improve health, and enjoy peaceful moments in the midst of pristine nature.

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1600m Mountain Trekking

With diverse terrain, Du An Garden offers a trekking journey to the 1600m mountain peak, where visitors can immerse themselves in the majestic and captivating scenery. This is an exciting challenge for those who want to conquer mountain peaks and feel the freedom standing at the highest point.

Thac Hoa Binh Waterfall Adventure

Du An Garden takes pride in its unique waterfall adventure, especially Thac Hoa Binh. Crossing the suburban trails and along the streams makes for a memorable adventure. Upon reaching Thac Hoa Binh, visitors will witness the beauty of the multi-tiered waterfall that extends over 80km through two provinces, Lam Dong and Binh Thuan.

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Du An Garden is not just a destination but also an exemplary model for the combination of sustainable agriculture and community tourism. Come and experience to feel the pristine nature and contribute to environmental protection. Du An Garden is welcoming you with exciting and meaningful experiences. "Du An - heading towards tranquility."

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